Special Openings

For those who want to discover the Duomo museum in a truly unique manner, the Veneranda Fabbrica offers exclusive visits out of hours, after the museum is closed to the public.
 Accompanied by experienced specialist guides, visitors can view the museum in small private groups, thus allowing the particular needs of visitors to be taken into consideration.
To provide these visitors with a unique experience that will remain etched in their memory, customised itineraries and themes are developed according to specialist advice.
Conditions of service
The service consists in the Museum opening on request from 06.15 p.m. (excluding holidays) .

Access to this service is granted to natural or legal persons subject to verification of:
- Museum availability and practicability; 

- the status of the applicant; 

- the nature of the request.

Access to the service
Requests for special openings of the museum must be submitted exclusively via the contact form, to be acquired directly from: iniziativespeciali@duomomilano.it

Further information
Special Events
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Tel. 02 72 022 656