1. To promote optimal enjoyment of the museum by worshippers and visitors, all individuals must display appropriate behaviour towards others and towards the site.
2. IT is compulsory to follow the instructions given by staff responsible for providing assistance along the way.
3. Teachers and guides are asked to keep schools and other groups together and under control.
4. Visitors are reminded that any damage to works of art is punishable by law.
5. Finally, we inform all visitors that every room of the museum is under video surveillance for the safety of the works and of members of the public, in compliance with the Privacy Act.

Compulsory for organised groups (from 5 to 25 persons):
- School groups
- Religious groups
- Tourist groups
Book entry by Booking on Line. The museum ticket entitles visitors to enter the archaeological site, located under the sacristy of the Duomo (entrance from inside the Cathedral).

Inside the museum, you must not:
- Professional photo and video shooting ,with the use of flash or stands or tripods.
For further  information relating to professional video and shooting go to Press and Permits
- consume food or drink of any type
- enter with large bags, hats or umbrellas (these items should be left at the cloakrooms at the entrance)
- enter with animals
- touch or damage the works on display
- enter areas reserved for museum staff only- smoke
- enter in fancy dress/disguise

It is expressly forbidden to introduce inside the Cathedral, on the Terraces and in all relevant areas of the Veneranda Fabbrica, signs and symbols related to movements, associations and subjects expression of ideologies or political reality