In the book published by daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, released simultaneously with the Grand opening of 4th November 2013,  is told the birth not only of a museum, but of an authentic cultural centre.Step by step, photo by photo, are illustrated the treasury, tapestries, stained-glass windows, paintings, studies for sculptures and architectural models, tied to the life the Cathedral symbol of Milan.

The following volume is currently available in the Cathedral bookshop:

Various authors, the Great Duomo Museum: the symbol of Milan reveals its history, Corriere della Sera, 2013


Nuovi Annali is the channel via which Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo publishes the technical-scientific results and outcomes of restoration work carried out and in which it collects detailed studies aimed at promoting knowledge of its heritage, the two inseparable aspects of the organisation’s daily activity.

It is a publication that contains articles by scholars on the Cathedral and its multiform and complex heritage which are significant in many study areas: historical, historical-artistic, historical-musical, historical-economic, the history of customs, organisation of work, technology, restoration, etc..

It is a publication that aims to provide a study incentive, drawing the attention of researchers to the broad and diversified field of investigation represented by the Cathedral, making the Veneranda Fabbrica one of Milan’s cultural beacons. This is how it performs its main function, i.e. the conservation of a collective and unique heritage, since the reasons for conservation lie in the importance given to the artefact conserved, and its value is also determined by the recovery of its historical-cultural perspective. 

The following volumes are currently available:

1. Nuovi Annali. Collection of studies and contributions for Milan Cathedral, 2010

2. Nuovi Annali. Collection of studies and contributions for Milan Cathedral, 2009

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This volume collects the contributions of the study day held at the Cathedral Museum on 10 June 2010.
“Completion of the restoration of the altars of St. Joseph, the Presentation and the Medici mausoleum, and the importance of the 4th centenary of the canonisation of the archbishop Carlo Borromeo (1610) were the inspiration for a study day, focusing attention on the changes made in Milan Cathedral by the cardinal together with Pellegrino Tibaldi (1567-1585)”.
(From the introduction by G. Benati, F. Rephisti)

Index of articles of the second volume of Nuovi Annali:
M. Pavesi, Pirro Ligorio and the Medici-Borromeo altar
F. Rephisti, Pius IV and the monument of Giangiacomo Medici in Milan Cathedral (1560-1565)

R. Schofield, An introduction to the Cathedral presbytery between Vincenzo Seregni and Carlo Borromeo
J. Gritti, Pellegrino Tibaldi and the vault of the ‘scurolo” chapel of Milan Cathedral
S. Zanuso, Giovanni Andrea Pellizzone, the Cathedral and the fountain of Antonio Londonio
S. Palladino, Fortune and misfortune of Pellizzone in the Cathedral
E. Bianchi, The Da Corbettas and the architrave of the choir of Milan Cathedral, 1580-1591
S. Leydi, The Buscas, bronze casters between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries: sources and documents
S. Buganza, St. Charles and the old Cathedral: production of the stained glass windows
G. Benati, The Pellegrino altars. A possible chronology.
F. Bianchi Janetti, Notes on the altar of St. Joseph
C. Anselmi, The Vimercati Chapel: documentary outlines
C. Mancini, The restoration of the altars of St. Joseph, the Presentation and the Medici Monument 
V. Ferrari, The “San Carlo” capitular processional cross
P. Venturelli, John Talman and Milan Cathedral
D. Sogliani, New Mantuan documents for the series of tapestries with the stories of Moses belonging to Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano

Index of articles of the first volume of Nuovi Annali:

E. Di Paola, G. Giunta, E. Previde Massara, Survey, diagnostics and documentation of the restoration of the façade of Milan Cathedral: ENI’s innovative contribution
L.Toniolo, Knowledge of the phenomena of deterioration of the Candoglia marble on the Cathedral façade: a complex path towards sustainable conservation
B. Mörlin Visconti Castiglione, Notes on the restoration work of the Cathedral facade 2003-2008
G. Benati, The wooden model of the Cathedral. Documental history.
L. Quartana, The restoration of the wooden model of Milan Cathedral.
F. Blumer, Mapping of the stones set in the statues of St. Ambrose and St. Charles in Milan Cathedral. 
E. Brivio, Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano at the Milan International Expo in 1906
F. Cremasco, Gianni Forcolini, Twentiethe century light in Milan Cathedral. Lighting technologies balanced between conservation and innovation.
C. Tania Gallori, The Porro Altar in Milan Cathedral
G. Benati, Angelo Marini the Sicilian, new biographical outlines
P. Venturelli, Doppelpokal. One/two previously unknown silver cups and Cardinal Charles Borromeo
D. Veronesi, The Greek diptych in the Cathedral Treasury of Milan Cathedral. Some considerations.
S. Saponaro, A disputed treasure. From the church of San Gottardo in Corte to Milan Cathedral.
C. M. Anselmi, The Museum of Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano: from the birth of an idea to the reality of a modern museum
F. Bianchi Janetti, The new cataloguing of the sculpture models of Milan Cathedral 
B. Corradi, The textile collection of Milan Cathedral Museum: formation of the collection via the documental sources