Premio Cramum
22 September Sep 2017 1000 2 months ago 3 October Oct 2017 1800 2 months ago

“Limits - borders”, the Cathedral Museum hosts the fifth edition of the CRAMUM Award.

The exhibition opens on 22nd September: 10 young finalists alongside 12 internationally renowned artists.

Limits and borders.  Barriers and language problems which often conceal  identity crises. A concept that cuts across today’s world, characterized by incomprehension and difficulty in  communicating with others, overcoming barriers and divergences. Art has always been the form of expression via which we convey emotions and share messages which, through art, become a common heritage. But how far do these limits and borders influence our behaviour, our capacity to communicate and the possibility of building relationships?

From 22nd September to 3rd October 2017, thanks to the hospitality of Veneranda Fabbrica, the Church of San Gottardo in Corte, included in the Cathedral Museum tour, hosts the international exhibition "LIMITS - BORDERS", organized by Sabino Maria Frassà and promoted by CRAMUM for the fifth edition of the CRAMUM Award, in conjunction with Fondazione Cure Onlus, Milan City Council, Editrice Quinlan, Ama Nutri Cresci, Polish Academy in Rome, Confucius Institute  of the University of Milan, Polish Consulate in Milan, Hungarian Consulate in Milan, Serbian Consulate in Milan, Ludwig Muzeum and Studio Museo Francesco Messina.
CRAMUM is a Latin word meaning “cream”, “the best part”. CRAMUM is a no-profit project that supports artistic and cultural initiatives in Italy and abroad,  focusing in particular on young artists. Since 2012 CRAMUM’s main project has been the CRAMUM Award, designed as a talent-program for emerging young artists in Italy, to enable them to fully express their creativity and make a living from their art, without being overly guided or limited by the market. Every year the award places internationally renowned artists, intellectuals, curators, collectors and journalists alongside the young finalists. 

The Award highlights ten young artists, chosen via a competitive selection procedure, with well-known non-competing artists. The non-competing artists, together with the members of the Scientific Committee, vote the winner of the award who wins a professional and artistic development experience culminating in a personal exhibition at Studio Museo Francesco Messina in Milan. The first four editions of the CRAMUM award were won by: Daniele Salvalai (2013), Paolo Peroni (2014), Francesca Piovesan (2015) and Matteo Fato (2016).

The exhibition, which will open on 22nd September inside the Church of San Gottardo in Corte, traditionally known in the city as the  “artists’ church”, houses the works of 22 artists from all over the world,  including 12 by Magdalena Abakanowicz (Poland), Zsolt Asztalos (Hungary), Ivan Barlafante, Carlo Benvenuto, Laura de Santillana, Matteo Fato, Daniele Fissore, Ivan Grubanov (Serbia), H.H. Lim (China), Franco Mazzucchelli, Francesca Piovesan and Daniele Salvalai.

Alongside them, the works by the ten finalists of the fifth edition of the award: Alessio Barchitta, Alessandro Boezio, Andrea Fiorino, Francesco Casolari, Marco La Rocca, Giulia Manfredi, Dario Picariello, Pamela Pintus, Diego Randazzo and Sally Viganò.

The curator of the exhibition and director of the Award, Sabino Maria Frassà, presents the exhibition as follows: «The only identity we seem to be able to find today is an identity defined by the fact that we are different from others. Without being judgmental, but with a clear holistic and inclusive vision, the exhibition LIMITS-BORDERS  investigates the malaise of today’s society that lives perpetually on the border at geographical, human and existential level».

The exhibition will open on 21st September, with announcement of the winner of the Award by the scientific committee consisting of journalists, curators, critics, collectors and intellectuals: Matteo Bergamini, Ettore Buganza, Leonardo Capano, Giovanna Calvenzi, Julia Fabenyi, Maria Fratelli, Giuseppe Iannaccone, Rose Ghezzi, Angela Madesani, Michela Moro, Iolanda Ratti, Alba Solaro, Carlotta Gaia Tosoni, Nicla Vassallo and Giorgio Zanchetti.

The winner will also receive a cube of Candoglia marble, the symbol of the Award produced by Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano.

The inauguration of the exhibition will be open to the public and from 22nd September admission to the exhibition will be included in the Cathedral Museum ticket price of € 3.00 which also includes admission to the Church of San Gottardo in Corte and the Cathedral.

For information on the CRAMUM Award
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