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27 June Jun 2017 1117 one year ago

Maintenance and Preservation of the Wood Model of the Duomo di Milano

Examples of good practices in the Grande Museo del Duomo

As of Monday, 19 July, along the Museo del Duomo di Milano's exhibition circuit and specifically in the room that houses "inventions, projects, and matter", scaffolding has been erected around the large wood model, begun in 1519 by Bernardino Zenale da Treviglio, for a maintenance and preservation project which will take one week to complete and which also includes the other wood models of the Duomo's façades, by Beltrami, Castelli, and Buzzi.

As with the Cathedral, where for more than six centuries observation, restoration, and preservation of the Candoglia marble (a soft marble with a crystalline composition flecked with pink that grants both a static and ornamental beauty to the monument) have continued without pause, so too does the large model - a tool used from the 16th to the 19th centuries to verify and test the monument's design - require constant maintenance and care.

This restoration project is part of the good practices which every museum applies to its patrimony, knowing that periodic, ordinary maintenance ensures that the artwork remains well-preserved, avoiding neglect and subsequent extraordinary or invasive restorations.

The museum's task is, in fact, to continuously monitor the works so as to plan targeted and scheduled maintenance and restoration in order to enhance and protect its patrimony.

Luca Quartana, together with his partner Antonella Ortelli, oversaw the project and, previously, the restoration of the wood model: an important operation that required enormous precision which took place in 2013 (?) and focused on refurbishing the fastening system through the creation of new resin screws.

Today more than ever the Veneranda Fabbrica is joining the trend of museum best practices, keeping up with the most up-to-date technology and applying the preservation and restoration techniques of the third millennium.