12 December Dec 2016 1039 2 years ago

“The Marble Road”: a map for exploring the cultural landscape of the water road to Milan

The project is enriched with content and new developments

“The Marble Road" is enhanced by a new and valuable tool.

From the pages of dedicated to the Grande Museo del Duomo, it is now possible to view the digital map "The Marble Road" which, thanks to the collaboration of all of those who participated and who will participate in the project (local organizations and businesses, museums, and associations) and who are present in the territory of the "water road" to Milan in terms of the supply and transport of marble for the Cathedral, from the Candoglia Quarry to the centre of the city, will be further enhanced little by little with content and with cultural and educational projects.

These pages have been created to help coordinate the project. Through their participation, cultural institutes, schools, and local organizations and businesses will be part of a cultural initiative the objective of which is to retrace the Duomo's construction, identifying the connections between Milan's cathedral and the geographic area directly involved.

The entirety of all of the resulting compositions and research will bring this extraordinary patrimony's past to life, retracing the broad cultural landscape whose symbolic point of arrival is the Grande Museo del Duomo, the primary educational tool for the Cathedral and for the dissemination, memory, and identity of a people.

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