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21 January Jan 2016 1608 3 years ago

“The Way of Marble”, a project that rediscovers the ancient waterway leading to the Duomo, continues

From this year, all the schools in the municipalities located along the route of the great journey that brought the marble for the Duomo from Candoglia to Milan

The second phase of  “The Way of Marble” project, promoted by the  Grande Museo del Duomo di Milano in collaboration with MuseoLab6 (for Mumi, future eco-museum of South Milan) has officially begun.
This second phase is addressed to al the schools in the municipalities located along the banks of the River Toce, Lake Maggiore, River Ticino and the Naviglio Grande canal. Two regions, Lombardy and Piedmont, with a total of 24 municipalities have been invited to take part.
By reconnecting with these local towns that, with their workmen, knowledge, craftwork and infrastructures made the building of the Duomo possible and now guarantee the constant work to restore it, the  Veneranda Fabbrica and its Museum intend to become the centre for interpreting its territory.

“The Way of Marble” will therefore make a valuable contribution to reconstructing and increasing the collective memory and culture of a territory that is divided, but at the same time united by a waterway. The project therefore endorses the concept of belonging to a specific cultural reality, with which each individual must identify, as well as that of “promoting development that respects this reality's specific identity” (cf. Siena Charter), both concepts that are essential for launching shared conservation operations.
The project will be implemented by means of  active and participatory teaching strategies, leaving room for proposals put forward directly by the inhabitants of the territory, with the aim of reawakening historical and cultural memory.

In 2016 and 2017, completion of this phase of the work and preparation of the final work will bring the experimental stage of the project to an end. The project was launched in 2015, with a proposal for heritage and territorial education for the schools in the city of Milan. The aim of this proposal was to retrace the history of transport of marble, paying particular attention to the urban context. 
By extending the territory included in the proposal, the intention is to start a fruitful process of exchange of experiences and knowledge within the region as well as outside its boundaries.
Indeed, with “The Way of Marble” project, the Grande Museo del Duomo and the MuseoLab6 have adopted the museological policy indicated by Nuova Museologia, a cultural movement that promotes the development of the relation between heritage and territory, offering itself therefore as a privileged tool for the creation of a landscape community, that must necessarily be generated by the awareness of the citizens and by their active involvement.
The Grande Museo del Duomo and MuseoLab6 have put forward this project in response to the call for selection for participation in the  24th ICOM General Conference, the international meeting due to be held in 2016 at which the city of Milan will play a leading role in the debate on “Museums and Cultural Landscapes” (link

The starting point for the debate will be the results of the research and proposals that arose after the drafting of the “Charter on Museums and Cultural Landscapes", presented at previous ICOM International Conference-Siena 2014.