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11 December Dec 2015 1221 3 years ago

Abbonamento Musei Lombardia announces the results

The Grande Museo del Duomo di Milano among top 10 museums with increased number of visitors

The meeting presenting the results obtained during the months of May and November of the project "Abbonamento Musei Lombardia", the museums pass of the Lombardy region, took place at the Spazio Conferenze del Chiostro Nina Vinchi at the Piccolo Teatro Grassi in Milan on Tuesday, December 1 at 11:00 am.

It is an initiative dedicated to the improvement and promotion of the Lombardy region and of its artistic and cultural heritage, through which subscribers have the opportunity to receive free admission to over 80 attractions of cultural interest, including museums, permanent collections, temporary exhibitions, archaeological sites, villas, gardens and castles.

About 90 museums and cultural centers have joined this project, of which 24 in Milan and 66 located in other Lombardy region provinces.

During the conference were shown the results of the subscriptions sale and the number of people who visited the museums reached between 19th May and 30th November 2015: more than 3,000 passes sold, of which 1870 in Milan, in 21 different outlets, and more than 6000 visitors.

In the Top 20 of subscriptions sales and number of visitors, the Grande Museo del Duomo di Milano is positioned in 12th place with 57 passes "Abbonamento Musei Lombardia" sold, and in 9th place with 242 visitors holding a pass. A great result to be proud of and through which the Museum proves to be a cultural center of great importance not only for the city of Milan, but also throughout the Lombardia region.