Sono un'opera d'arte
19 September Sep 2014 1034 4 years ago

Photographs in the Cathedral Museum: link pictures to your sensations

From 20 September, the finest works just a ‘click’ away

The Grande Museo del Duomo di Milano once again amazes its visitors with something new.

From 20 September, on the occasion of the European Heritage Days, it will in fact be possible to freely photograph the finest works of its extraordinary collection: a journey through seven centuries, to discover the religious and artistic heritage of the Cathedral.

A way of sharing your sensations in the museum with others, communicating with the web to make known the treasures of the Cathedral's history and art making use of new digital technology, including smartphones and tablets.

A small but significant revolution that will make it possible to take photos no longer just for study and research purposes, but to meet visitors' wishes and make the Grande Museo del Duomo increasingly more usable by the public.