Philippe Daverio è il Direttore Artistico
15 September Sep 2014 1007 4 years ago

Philippe Daverio is the Artistic Director of the Grande Museo del Duomo di Milano

A museum in contact with the city to make the assets of Veneranda Fabbrica increasingly more usable. The church of San Gottardo will be ready in time for Expo

Philippe Daverio is the Artistic Director of the Grande Museo del Duomo di Milano
The announcement was made this morning by Angelo Caloia, President of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, during the press conference presenting the appointment at the Grande Museo. 

4 November 2013. This is the date that marks the completion of an enormous commitment: the reorganisation and reopening to the public of the Grande Museo del Duomo di Milano. An enormous gift, costing 12 million Euros, that Veneranda Fabbrica has made to the city, a treasure chest that helps to further increase Milan's prestige on the national and international scene. An exciting journey through the seven centuries of history of the Duomo and of the Milanese identity. 

Thanks to the important collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, the Fabbrica has thus been able to heal the wound that for some time has marred Palazzo Reale, restoring – from the architectural point of view too – these rooms to their full splendour; rooms that, starting from the former stables, bring back all the appeal of an extraordinary story to light.
However, this commitment has not ended. 
In fact, with a second agreement with the Municipality of Milan and with the Diocesan Administration, the construction experts of the Fabbrica are now working to heal another wound in Palazzo Reale. Restoring the original beauty of the Palatine Chapel, that is the Church of San Gottardo in Corte, a precise commitment on which we are already working with great energy. 
The restoration work has already begun and will be completed in time for Expo. This project will allow Palazzo Reale, the heart of the city, to present itself in all its splendour to the millions of visitors that are expected. 

In the first months since it was opened, there have been many visitors to the Museum. 
To date, there have been over  81,000 visitors to the new Grande Museo del Duomo since its opening, with an average of around 350 visitors a day. A figure that is confirmed by the increase of about 10% in worshippers and visitors to the Duomo in the first half of 2014, taking attendances in the Cathedral to around 6 million a year. This museum cannot therefore avoid finding its own significance and role at the centre of a system, that is not merely municipal, but national and international too. If it wishes to find its rightful place in times of crisis, the Museum must throw open its doors and go to meet citizens and visitors, in the name of curiosity and usability of public assets.

To do so, Veneranda Fabbrica deemed that it was essential to offer a new set-up for the Grande Museo, bringing forward strategic decisions that involve an organisation able to achieve major goals from the management, artistic and scientific point of view, and providing the Museum with the tools required to face the great challenge of Expo too. A project that anticipates new forms of cultural management that the Italian government is testing in these months. 

The Board of Directors of the Veneranda Fabbrica, entrusted with full responsibility for managing the Museum, has therefore selected a personality who will be able to make a decisive contribution to this strategy, appointing Philippe Daverio as Artistic Director of the Grande Museo del Duomo di Milano

A choice which, after the actions taken in the past year, from the inauguration of the new Museum to the reorganisation of the Archives, from the major cultural projects to the important Get your Spire campaign, continues in the trend of sharing and pursuing new languages.