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29 August Aug 2014 1234 4 years ago

Tactile guided tours for blind and visually impaired people

A new proposal to discover the Cathedral's great history

Thanks to the agreement signed between the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo and the Associazione Arte Insieme Volontari per l’Arte O.n.l.u.s. ("Art Together" volunteer association), discovering the great history of Milan's symbol and the new Cathedral Museum is an involving and evocative experience that is now also open to blind or visually impaired people.

Tactile guided tours
, created and led by the Association's volunteers, will enable people to meet twenty-three works housed in the Grande Museo del Duomo at close quarters, thus unveiling the secrets of some of the collection's masterpieces: stone sculptures, bronze doors and large statues from the Cathedral and even the Madonnina's original structure.

The Guardare con le mani (Seeing with your hands) project has been greeted with the approval of Milan's Institute for the Blind, the Italian Union of the Blind and the Homer Tactile Museum in Ancona, and has been made possible by the commitment of the volunteers of Arte Insieme - a non-profit making association accredited with the Lombardy Region's Register of Voluntary Activities and founded in 2001 by a group of ex-teachers with a passion for art. The service is available for the duration of the school year.

To book a tactile visit and all information on the initiative, contact:
Arte Insieme Volontari per l’Arte Onlus
Via C. Tenca, 2 – Milano
Phone+39 02 335/329383 – 333/1145961