Maddalena di Angelo Marini Museo
2 July Jul 2014 1519 4 years ago

The first restoration site opened in the Museum

In a few days’ time work will start on the “Maddalena” by Angelo Marini

Scientific and cultural activities, including maintenance and restoration of its artefacts, represent an important part of the Museum’s job.
The Museum is about to start restoration work on the statue representing Mary Magdalene transported by angels by the sculptor Angelo Marini known as “The Sicilian”.

The sculpture was removed from the outside of the Cathedral in 1943 to protect it during the Second World War. Over the centuries, due to its position on the outside of the Duomo, the work has been damaged by atmospheric agents resulting, among other things, in surface disintegration of the marble and, where not washed away by the rain, the formation of black scale.
The statue entered the Museum in 1953, and today it is displayed in the room dedicated to the sixteenth century works.

The decision to restore the statue without removing it from its current position was taken in order not to deprive the chronological route of the Museum of an important piece and to allow the visitors to experience first-hand the restoration of a stone sculpture.
The transparent structure was made to measure and constructed around the statue so that the restorers will be able to operate in situ and, above all, the visitors will be able to observe their painstaking and delicate work.

This event will bring the public into direct contact with an activity which is usually carried out  behind the scenes, so that the museum can share a unique moment which will restore the beauty of this sculpture.
Thanks to the interest that will be aroused by the presence of restoration work done in the Museum, we hope that this will be the beginning of a programme of conservation and programmed maintenance work.