Foto Duomo Lego 5
28 May May 2014 1146 4 years ago

Last days for the LEGO Milan's Duomo

This work of art can be admired until Sunday 8 June 2014

No more marble and iron, but 100.000 LEGO bricks, these are the materials used by the the British artist and LEGO Certified Professional, Duncan Titmarsh, to build a faithful copy of the Milan Cathedral.

The sculpture, which consists of two copies, is around 1.10 m in height, is 1.80 m long and weighs over 60 kg. It faithfully reproduces the columns, rose windows and spires of the Milan's Duomo, using only LEGO bricks. Months of work by a team of five people directly managed by Duncan, not to mention his proven ability in using LEGO bricks as an artistic medium, were required to complete the sculptures.

Thanks to the collaboration established among the Veneranda Fabbrica, SEA and LEGO, The two works of art have been showed to the public from 2 April at the New Grande Museo del Duomo (Piazza del Duomo, 12) and, courtesy of SEA, in the Schengen area of Milan's Malpensa Airport.

The first copy will be shown at the Great Cathedral Museum until Sunday 8 June 8 2014. Just for a short tIme, those who will visit the twenty-six rooms of the Great Cathedral Museum, can experience this unique creativity expression together with the treasures of the Cathedral and its Fabbrica. The detailed reproduction recalls the hard work of those who, in over half a millennium, have contributed with their work to the realization of the Cathedral symbol of Milan.

The LEGO model will then be taken to the airport of Milan Linate , to keep on welcome travelers and tourists arriving in the Expo city.