Libri Corriere della Sera
13 January Jan 2014 1622 4 years ago

The symbol of Milan reveals its history

“The Grande Museo del Duomo” is now on sale at the special price of 11.00 € in the bookshop of the Duomo di Milano

What is the largest work in the Grande Museo del Duomo?

These and many other intriguing facts can be found in the book published by daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, now available at a special price in the Cathedral bookshop, illustrated by a splendid series of photos and with exclusive accounts of those who took part in creation of the museum.

The treasury, tapestries, stained-glass windows, paintings, studies for sculptures and architectural models, an extraordinary collection described in this guide book, which tells of the birth not only of a museum, but of an authentic cultural centre, which will be the perfect showcase for the city prior to Expo 2015.