Massimo  Zingardi
30 October Oct 2013 1735 5 years ago

Inauguration of the new Grande Museo del Duomo in Milan and refurbishment of the Archive

The event is scheduled for the 4 November 2013

In 2015, Milan will open its doors to the world, for the great Expo event. This is an occasion to broadcast a powerful message: culture is energy; it transforms the present and can be an important economic resource. With this important event imminent, in the year that we mark the 1700th anniversary of the Edict of Constantine, a celebration of freedom for all people, not only for believers, the Council of the Veneranda Fabbrica responded to the call to action, taking responsibility and facing a great challenge in a particularly difficult time: the reopening of the Grande Museo del Duomo to the general public.

The Fabbrica is committed to offering a gift to the city, and to the world as a whole. Indeed, historically, Milan itself has taken on the role of communication and representation: the past is clearly legible through the present; it lives in the future, rediscovering the inexhaustible tension that is embodied in the great work that is the cathedral.

The Museo del Duomo was inaugurated in 1953, but the idea which eventually led to its creation was originally born in the penultimate decade of the nineteenth century, from the need to place value on all the material not in use within the Duomo. This in turn is linked to the history of the Veneranda Fabbrica and its construction, as well as to the desire to tell the story of the symbol of Milan through the collections on display.

The museum, which is based within the Palazzo Reale, as made available by Milan City Council, will reopen with the grand inauguration on 4 November 2013. The museum has been completely renovated by the Veneranda Fabbrica across all exhibition spaces, as part of a project curated by the architect Guido Canali.

Two thousand metres squared of exhibition space, spread across twenty seven rooms, which are also home to the Treasure of the Duomo, thirteen thematic areas: these are the facts and figures of a difficult and impressive feat, which tells a real story, carved from marble and flesh. 

The Grande Museo del Duomo in Milan an open focal point, part of a network, which houses a wealth of cultural and artistic heritage of surprising variety and unique beauty, including sculptures, paintings, stained glass, tapestries and architectural models ranging from the fifteenth century the most striking contemporary pieces.


 - More than 2000 metres squared of exhibition space
- 27 rooms
- 13 thematic areas
- Soul and Splendour: the Great Treasure of the Duomo di Milano
- The Great Site: the origins and the first spire
- The Fabbrica, laboratory of Europe: the Visconti era
- The cathedral of light: the art of stained glass in the Duomo

-  Borromeo's Duomo
- Ancient architectural plans the Gonzaga Tapestries
- The Cemetery Gallery. Models and sculpture in the Duomo
- The wooden models

- The bronze doors